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About Us

"Achieving Business Excellence With Ease"

Complete Compliance and More, LLC (CCAM) was founded with the intent to motivate and inspire others who wish to be Entrepreneurs. Our objective is to help with key components to build and promote your business.  We will dedicate our time and efforts to train as well as provide need to know information regarding marketing materials and state regulations. Additionally, we will offer opportunities to market your product at various entrepreneur extravaganza.


These events will offer you an exclusive opportunity to network, connect and share information about your company or business. From conception to activation, we offer a turnkey solution for agencies and brands. We will be available for questions daily and offering any key knowledge available to ensure you "achieve business excellence with ease

To do this job, you need to have audacity, to dream big, and to take risks or you'll lose the chance to win. That's our philosophy.

 Meet Our Team




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 CCAM Organizational Chart

Regenna Lacy
Chief Executive Officer
Bianca Hoffler
Chief  Operating Officer
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