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Why Compliance is most
important in your business today!

What Does CCAM Offer?



In Entrepreneur 101 you will learn how to

take your product or idea and become a

market success story.  Get answers to

your business formation questions,

required permits, business insurance, license application 

process, equipment, packaging, labeling, marketing, and more.   Let our Entrepreneurship workshop help you achieve your dreams. Being an entrepreneur can be full of risks.  These risks are minimized through drafting a business plan, knowing your competition, and successful marketing.  All these and more can be found in our Entrepreneurship workshop.

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Get to know clients and grow your circle

with our networking event.  We all know

that networking is an important part of

growing and advancing in our business.  

Despite the universal awkwardness that usually comes with networking, every type offers unique opportunities for you to build relationships depending on your goals.  Utilizing roundtables allow for open forums and discussions that, more often than not, lead to creative ideas and new directions.  "Networking is not collecting contacts. Networking is about planting relationships. "


Marketing Opportunity

A winning marketing plan helps with

marketing opportunities, create the

foundation for driving sales, and are more

likely to end successfully. Knowing your

competition can help you evaluate marketing opportunities. For example, offering an additional service that your competitor doesn't offer or getting your price point based on the market.  CCAM will offer various Entrepreneur Extravaganzas to allow each of you to market and sale your product, enhance networking, gain exposure, present your company, and understand the importance of great customer service.    

Office Desk

CCAM Salad 

What are the ingredients for business

success?  Success would not be possible

without our key recipe:

  • Write a Clearly Defined Business Plan

  • Understand the Basics about Taxes

  • Pushing your business to its full potential

  • Invest in the Right Business Insurance

  • Be Mindful of Financing & Cash Flow

  • Be completely transparent

  • Market your product

  • Find Network opportunities

  • Presenting your brand at various events

  • Advertising through Radio, Television, Social Media

  • Obtaining all business licensing 

Image by Benjamin Child

Entrepreneurship Journey


Networking and Support

  • Access to all networking events

  • Pushing your business success one step at a time

  • Practicing business under full transparency

  • Consistent advisors for every aspect of your business

  • Inclusion of your business in publication 

  • Event t-shirts and table clothes

  • Bi-weekly vendor events for exposure and profit

  • Opportunity to present your business at event

  • Radio, television, and social media exposure

  • 1-800 number available to provide support

  • Monthly vendor roundtable discussions

  • Training workshops when needed

Imagine we have the ability to coach, make baskets, and plan events.

Join Today!

Membership Monthly Fee - $49

(In order to be a traveling vendor & obtain reasonable priced table rentals, you must be a member)

Fun Fact: Seventy percent of small businesses are owned and operated by a single person.

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